How to choose the best lash glue

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Now, there are many types of eyelashes, including 3D lashes, 6D lashes, 13mm lashes, 20mm lashes, 25mm lashes, 28mm lashes, and so on. No matter which type of eyelashes you choose, you need the best quality eyelash glue. Because inferior lash glue will not only damage your eyelashes, it will also affect your health over time. So, how to choose lash glue? As a supplier of high-end eyelashes and eyelash accessories, what kind of glue can we provide for you?

How to choose lash glue?

First of all, when choosing lashes glue, you should understand its ingredients. There are many types of eyelash gel on the market. Most eyelash glue contains many harmful chemical components, such as latex. High-quality mascara will not be doped with this harmful chemical component and will not emit odor.

Secondly, whether the eyelash glue is firm is also a point that we should pay attention to. The waterproof performance of the eyelash glue must be good, so that it can maintain the most beautiful posture in various occasions, such as swimming. No one wants the eyelashes to suddenly come off because of the bad adhesion of the eyelashes.

What kind of lash glue can we offer you?

Our eyelash glue is officially certified by MSDS. The product quality is absolutely reliable and will not adversely affect human health.

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The eyelashes we supply can be divided into two categories of 5ml and 10ml eyelashes glue. In addition, under these two categories, they are divided into black eyelash glue, white eyelash glue, and transparent eyelash glue. In addition, we can customize the glue logo for you according to your needs. We not only provide eyelash glue but also high-end high-quality lashes, please contact me if you need them.