Human eyelashes

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Human eyelashes

Eyelashes are similar to the hairs on the rest of our body. But while there is plenty of in-depth scientific knowledge about the locks that grace our heads and other forms of body hair, the eyelash hair follicle remains mysterious.

Human eyelashes

Finding human volunteers to study lash biology is quite difficult. For this reason, most existing knowledge comes from mouse and pig models.

What is known is that the upper eyelid has somewhere in the region of 90 to 160 lashes, neatly arranged in five or six rows. The lower eyelid is home to 75 to 80 lashes aligned in three or our rows.

The upper and lower lashes curl away from each other to stop them from getting tangled up when we blink.

Our genetic background determines how curly our eyelashes are. Individuals of Asian descent have lashes that are straighter and thicker but fewer in number than those with European ancestry.

Eyelashes are the darkest hairs on our bodies. They are also the last of our hairs to turn white. Do you want to know more about human eyelashes? Contact me.

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