How To Stick False Lashes

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Mascara needs to be soft at the beginning of the application of false lashes, the first to squeeze the mascara. In the beginning, use your fingers to spread the mascara like a peacock. And keep doing so until it becomes soft. The 2mm distance between the eyes and the head should be 2 centimeters away from the eye. Avoid the feeling of tingling in the belt. Now let me tell you how to stick false lashes

Stick False Lashes
Stick False Lashes

Here is how to stick false eyelashes:

When you start to cut your lashes. False eyelashes turn to your face. And your lashes turn toward yourself.” Avoid harming yourself when building the mascara should be glued on both sides of the false lashes, so as not to fall off.

The preparatory work in front of the false eyelash is ready to be finished. So the following begin to stick false eyelashes. Pulling the eyelids with the hand, align the eyes with the tail. And then slowly stick to the head of the eye, so that the “pedicle” can stick to the root of the eyelashes. Note: when the eyelashes are sticky, the mirror should be placed in the line of sight below. And the eyes should look down. Only in this way can we reduce the error of the eyes and see more clearly

While the glue is not dry, the finger pushes the pedicle with the forefinger to gently push the front, middle and back segments of the mascara, slowly pressing. In order to slowly have the degree of warp.

The eyelash clip true false eyelashes with the eyelash clip real false eyelashes clip together, so as to avoid false eyelashes fall off.

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