How to Start your own lash line?

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There are many friends and customer asked the same question ‘I want to start my own eyelashes line. How to start my own eyelashes line?’ ‘it was able to receive some tips or steps on how to start my own lash line.’ Now, let me tell you how to start your own lash line.

When you decide to do your own eyelash line, it’s meaning that you are very interested in the 3D mink eyelashes business. And you believe that you get the best occupation to take up the position and benefits for yourself. There is a preliminary understanding of this business in your eyelashes line plan.

However, you must be aware that any business has a process of accumulation, and there are all kinds of problems and troubles in the whole process. For example, the misunderstanding from the users, ‘why do things that look similar, are your false eyelashes expensive here, others are eyelashes cheaper?’ ‘Why are there so many styles?’ ‘Why is there no better eyelashes box?’ … etc, you may face countless questions every day, which requires you to have good quality eyelash service to the clients and have enough confidence.

Comparison of good lashes and bad lashes

Steps to start lash line

1. Choose the best eyelashes manufacturer and vendor.

This eyelashes supplier must have its own design team, have its own lashes production factory, have experienced skill workers, and strictly quality controlling QC.

a) Design Team.

A good eyelashes designer can design eyelash styles according to market or regional trends, giving customers’ different feelings. Our AVAPROLASHES designing director Oscar and the design team make eyelash styles based on the humanities and popular trend of eyelashes in each region of the world. If you find there is a better eyelashes’ styles holt selling in your local market.  you can also tell us that our designers will custom similar series for your business.

b) Factories and Workers.

The factory has sufficient raw materials mink hairs and workshops, and can delivery high-quality 3D mink eyelashes according to the eyelashes order on time.

The workers of AVAPROLASHES are strictly trained. It takes at least 6 months from the selection of mink hair to the formal eyelashes masking operation. And to make the characteristics of each paragraph, our workers really do the eyelashes with the heart, just like taking care of their children.

c) Quality controlling system

Every pair of eyelashes before leaving the factory is tested by our QC. From material to curl, they have been carefully compared.

2. Order samples

Before mass orders, ordering samples according to customers and your personal preferences. The eyelashes samples are mainly for testing product quality and customer preferences.

When you get the samples of eyelashes, you can post the lashes photos or make videos. As the business expands and the business volume grows, new eyelash styles are added step by step. To promote your sales you have to introduce the new lashes to your clients timely and showing them the new feeling. AVAPROLASHES has more than 1000 eyelash styles, 7 different of eyelashes series: natural eyelashes styles, 10-16mm 3D mink style, 18~20mm 3D/6D mink eyelashes styles, 22mm mink 3D styles, 25mm mink 3D/6D eyelashes styles, 28mm 3D styles, silk styles. Each eyelash has a story that makes your eyelash business unique.

3. Custom Eyelash Style

Some users like to use some custom eyelashes depending on their eye shape and makeup. This requires custom some eyelash styles to meet the needs of specific users. AVAPROLASHES’s design team enjoy making the beautiful eyelashes and customizing eyelash styles.

How to Start your own lash line

4. Custom Eyelash Box

To help your business growing, AVAPROLASHES offers a variety of eyelash boxes for packing samples. Make your delivery time and eyelash protection as fast and efficient as possible. The eyelashes are quickly introduced to the customer, forming a return of funds, and the business grows fastly. Time is very important thing for our eyelashes business.

With the further increase of business volume, you can make your own customized eyelash packaging, large quantity custom boxes, save time for each time eyelashes purchase and sale, and reduce procurement costs.

How to Start your own lash line
custom eyelashes packages

Anyway, AVAPROLASHES are a manufacturer and vendor of high quality eyelashes.The high quality products have the market forever. With the living update, more and more girls and woment enjoying the high level eyelashes. AVAPROLASHES is your sincere friend and the best partner for your eyelash business.

If you want to know more about how to start your own lash line, you can contact me, my Whatsapp is +008617669625100.