How to recommend eyelash for your customers?

2020-04-18 0 作者 admin

Appropriate eyelashes are essential

With the continuous development of eyelash technology, more and more eyelash styles. As the styles of eyelashes increase, the choices of customers become more abundant. However, the increased style of eyelashes does not mean that you can wear a few of them at will. So, how to recommend eyelashes for your customers? You can consider the following aspects:

Eye shape

All eye shapes can be roughly divided into the following types: drop eyes, almond eyes, deep eye sockets, etc. One eyelash style is not suitable for all eye shapes. Choosing eyelashes according to the customer’s eye shape can make the customer look more beautiful after wearing the eyelashes.

The price

One thing you need to be aware of is that not all customers can accept a high price. You can recommend different styles of eyelashes according to different customer groups. So that every customer can purchase their favorite eyelashes in the price range they can accept.

Raw materials

There are roughly two kinds of raw materials for eyelashes, mink hair and artificial chemical fiber. The mink eyelashes are made from mink tail hair, this raw material makes false eyelashes closer to real eyelashes, looking more natural. The Synthetic chemical fiber eyelashes are made of synthetic chemical fiber. This is what we usually say velvet lashes. the false eyelashes that are made of this material are better in color and curl.

Recommended eyelashes based on preferences

From the comfort and natural aspect of wearing, the mink lashes are the best choice. But if your customer is an animal protector, you can recommend her to buy silk lashes.


Eyelash styles by people of different ages are also different. Maybe college students like extra-long eyelashes to attract others’ attention. Middle-aged people like some decent eyelashes, which can reflect their style and beauty.

Skin Color

In fact, choosing the style of eyelashes is also related to the wearer’s skin color. For customers with darker skin, you can recommend she has a long and thick style, which can make the eyelashes look more matching. For lighter skin customers, you can recommend a sparse, natural, 3D style to her.

You can recommend eyelashes to your customers according to other situations, like take part in parties, prom, and weddings, etc. 

If you have any questions about how to recommend eyelashes for your customers, you contact me, I am happy to help you.