How to package 25mm eyelashes

2021-05-18 0 作者 Mary Ma

25MM eyelash is a very characteristic eyelash developed by us. It can be worn in multiple scenes on special occasions and become hot style for customers to place orders.  In order to ensure market share and sales, besides the characteristics of the product itself, 25mm eyelashes package is also very important.  

Good packaging highlights the grade of eyelashes, attracts high-end customers and brings more profit returns.  At the same time, the company delivers its own value concept, gives products more soul and faith, increases customer viscosity and sense of identity, and improves brand awareness and vitality.

We have two series of 25MM eyelashes: 25MM 3D eyelashes and 25MM 6D eyelashes. The specific packaging is as follows:

1. 25MM 3D&6D Mink Lashes — Single Box

We have the below boxes for our customer choice. The size of this box is customized according to the size of 25MM eyelashes, which can protect eyelashes well. The paper card is hard and won’t squeeze during long-distance transportation.  Customer LOGO and required text can be added, made into printing or stickers

A pair of 28mm 3D mink lashes DX002 with a plastic tray

25mm 3D&6D eyelashes packages-single box

2. 25MM 3D&6D Mink Lashes — Set

This kind of box can be matched with multiple styles. For example, 25MM 3D can be matched with 6D, 25MM 3D can be matched with short 3D series, and multiple styles can be mixed and matched, which can meet the needs of customers in multiple scenes at the same time. It is very convenient, saves space, and makes the display more attractive.

25mm 3D&6D eyelashes package-set box

3. 25MM 3D&6D Mink Lashes — custom packaging

In addition to the packaging we have now, customers can make customized models according to their own design.  For specific matters, you can discuss in detail by What’s App or Email.  

 Therefore, as the best eyelash supplier in China, we not only provide high quality eyelashes, but also provide high quality and diversified packaging to meet the various needs of customers.

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