How to make your own private label lashes?

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Many customers have the experience of customizing eyelashes. They all understand the steps and requirements of customizing eyelashes. So have you ever tried to make private label lashes for your lash line? Now I will show you how to make your own private label lashes. I hope to help you.

There are two ways to make your own brand eyelashes: OEM and ODM


Original equipment manufacturer OEM is a contracted manufacturer according to the needs and authorization of the sample manufacturer. Produces according to the specific conditions of the manufacturer. All the design drawings are completely processed according to the design of the sample manufacturer.

OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer in English. According to the literal meaning, it means that one manufacturer produces products and product accessories for it according to the requirements of another manufacturer. It is also known as OEM or authorized OEM. It can be processed on behalf of foreign contractors, or on behalf of subcontract processing.

According to the OEM production method, you only need to give us the design drawings of your eyelashes, and then we will propose some professional modifications to you according to the design drawings provided by you or directly produce false eyelashes according to your design drawings.


The original design manufacturer is the purchaser entrusting the manufacturer to provide all services from R&D, design to production, and post-maintenance, and the purchaser is responsible for the production method of sales. The purchaser also usually authorizes its brand, allowing the manufacturer to produce products affixed with the brand.

The manufacturer that undertakes the design and manufacturing business is called an ODM manufacturer. The products it produces are ODM products. The biggest difference between ODM and foundry is that the foundry only carries out OEM production, and ODM manufacturers complete their own work from design to production, and the purchaser can directly label.

According to the ODM method, you only need to tell us which style of eyelashes you want, or tell us the conditions of some eye shapes. We will design, process and produce according to these requirements. Post your brand after production is complete.

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The above is how to make your own brand eyelashes. If you want to know more about the production of private eyelashes or you want to produce your own private eyelashes, please contact me. Avapro Lashes — the most suitable high-end eyelash supplier.