How to make the Lashes Glue to the Mink Strip Lashes

2019-08-06 0 作者 admin

1. Types of eyelash glues

The lashes glue used for faux mink eyelashes is a biomedical glue that does not harm the skin. After sticking to the eyelashes, it does not cause irritation or allergies.

The bottles of eyelash glue is 5ml and 10ml. Choose according to your needs.

Eyelash glue is generally available in black, white and clear in 3 colors.

lashes glue

For your health, you often wear false eyelashes. It is important to choose a safe and effective glue.

2. How to apply glue to false eyelashes?

Eyelash glue usually has a small brush. When applying glue, use a small brush and gently apply it on the eyelash line or lashes band.

When applying glue, gently apply it from one end of the eyeliner to the another end. The process of application should be uniform.

Spread evenly and lightly. Avoid it, apply too much, glue penetrates the eyeliner and spills to the side of the eyeliner.

Place the mink lashes on the dressing table for 6-8 minutes, then install it.

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