How to Make Logo Stickers for Your Lashes and eyelash boxes

2020-09-01 0 作者 admin

There are many nature lashes boxes without logo and information on, for the samples orders or the partners just beginning of their eyelashes line, they don’t have enough money and the best ideas on their own custom eyelashes packages. They want to have some new and beautiful eyelash packing boxes for their business. And they try to identify their business brand as well. The eyelash logo stickers are easy to get and low costs that are why they liked them. So how to make logo stickers?

Position of eyelashes logo sticker

a) The lash logo stickers on the eyelash trays. There are some customers who bought the lashes and hope to get the marks on the eyelash trays directly with the clear lid. AVAPRO offer the solution as below:

How to Make Logo Stickers
stickers for the eyelashes trays
How to Make Logo Stickers
stickers for the eyelashes boxes

b) The logo stickers on the natural eyelash boxes. There are many solutions of the ways-the backside of the mink eyelash boxes, the window of the eyelash boxes, and the side of empty spaces for name …

kinds of logo stickers

The background of the stickers there are white, clear, dark red, pink… any color you liked. These all do CMYK print.

The lashes logo stickers can process by CMYK print or hot stamping, or transit stickers. The different processes with different shows and costs.

So, when you make the logo design, you should think about the logo on round eyelash cases or rectangle eyelash boxes, or square eyelash box.

As for our experience, the logo stickers need not too many colors. The style is simples, the line is a bit thick. The color is shining. Are you want to know more about how to make logo stickers? Contact me, I am happy to help you.