How to Make Logo Sticker to Lash Glue

2019-08-29 0 作者 admin

With the continuous development of the eyelash business, more and more eyelash accessories have been produced, such as eyelash box, eyelash glue, eyelash brush, eyelash holder, etc.

Some customers want their products to show their unique personalities, so they choose customized services. Glue is not the same as the eyelash box, it can’t use printing to add a logo, only through stickers to add your logo

Many customers want to custom lash glue with private label, own logo. Now, I will introduce how to make a logo sticker to it. I believe this is what many customers want to know。

wholesale lash glue

Step 1: Do the logo stickers first as your logo styles, you can choose print logo stickers, hot stamping logo stickers, and transit logo stickers

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Step 2: Pick the logo stickers

lash extension glue

Step 3: Put the sticker to the bottle

strip lash glue

Step 4: Put the glue sticker to the right position

Full logo stickers on the bottle

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