How to make custom eyelashes packaging boxes

2019-06-03 0 作者 admin

1.Style of lashes packages you want

There are many shape of eyelashes packages, such as round, rectangle and square and other shapes. we need to know the styles of eyelashes packages you wanted. And what kind of paper do you prefer to. Now let me tell you more about custom eyelashes packaging boxes.

custom eyelashes packaging boxes

2.Logo requirement on the customized lashes boxes

we should know how many colours of your eyelashes boxes logo requested. Do you want to make CMYK print or hot stampling process ?

CMYK print logo can do any colour such as red, black green, grey and white …but that requested the paper is art paper.

Hot stamping logo can do any kind of paper but only for one color a time.

custom eyelashes packaging boxes

3. Information requirment on the custom eyelashes boxes

The information of your eyelashes lines include the instagram,facebook, youtube and website and other social medias you want on boxes.just feel free to tell us .

4.Quantity of eyelashes boxes you want

The more quantity the much cheaper prices.

custom eyelashes packaging boxes

5.The cotst of packages

we will calculating the costs of packages shapes, paper materials and logo requested .

custom eyelashes packaging boxes

6. Custom eyelashes packaging boxes according to your needs

Do you want custom lash boxes according to your needs? Make the lash boxes have your personal characteristic. Maybe you think it i impossible, but we can do it. Just need tell me the specific requirements about the lash boxes that you want. How about it, is it simple?

Do you want to learn more about custom lash boxes? Contact me, I will tell you more aboput custom lash boxes.