How to do Eyelash Cleaning and Maintenance

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Choose a high-quality, comfortable 3D mink eyelashes. AVAPRO lashes Sticks to treat every pair of eyelashes by heart and light up every person who wearing. His eyelash life can be reuse 25-30 times. The eyelashes are clean , and the daily maintenance is enhanced to make the eyelashes last longer and protect the eyes of the user. Let me tell you how to do eyelash cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning Eyelashes

After the eyelashes are used, the main glue is cleaned, horny and various sundries. Use makeup remover or water, clean it, and blow it with a hair dryer before make them into the eyelash box. It should be noted here that the water-filled utensils should be clean to avoid secondary pollution of the eyelashes. The water for cleaning the eyelashes should be clean. It is best to make pure water. It is usually used for 5 minutes.

Eyelash maintenance

Avoid using excessive eyelash glue, especially the eyelash glue should be applied to the eye line, do not stick to the middle or top of the eyelashes.

Avoid soaking in water for too long, 5-6 minutes. If the soaking time is too long, the glue in the eyeliner will lose its viscosity.

Avoid pulling hard, and gently remove the glue layer according to the glue application. Do not lick the middle and the top of lashes.

Avoid getting eyelashes close to the fire source, the fire damages the eyelashes the easily, the damage is having soon when near the fire.

Eyelash Cleaning and Maintenance

If you want to know more about how to do eyelash cleaning and maintenance. Contact me, I will tell you more.