When you buy a variety of lashes, how to distinguish lash styles?

2020-12-29 0 作者 admin

Wholesale lashes are now the most common trade situation. Some customers buy many styles of lashes at one time, but although they have their own lash business, they are not lash producers. Once the lash styles are confused, how to distinguish them will be a big problem. So how to distinguish lash styles? Next, I will give you some suggestions.

1. You can give the lashes a different name and print it on the lash case as a logo

It is a very good way to give different names to the lashes according to the style of the lashes, and then print these names on the lash case. It can not only highlight the different features on the lash box so that customers can understand the characteristics of each lash but also help you to clearly distinguish the style of lashes when adjusting the lashes.

2. Customize a small sticker to paste the lash number or lash name on the lash tray

If you want to ensure the uniformity of the outer part of the lash box, you can try this method. Use a small sticker to put the model or name of the lashes on the lash tray and put it in the box. This method is also feasible. If you didn’t expect a name that matches the lashes, then you can directly distinguish the lashes by our product model, which is convenient and labor-saving.

how to distinguish lash styles

3. Identify different lash styles according to the length and density of the lashes

Another tip is that you can judge different lash styles based on the density and length of the lashes and the distribution direction of the length of the lashes.

If you want to know more detailed methods to distinguish lash styles, please contact me. As a professional lash manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler, I have many ways to distinguish lash styles. Avaprolashes, your best eyelash business partner.