How to distinguish good false eyelashes

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Now all kinds of eyelashes are emerging in an endless stream, so the quality of eyelashes is difficult to guarantee. At present, there are many types of eyelashes in the eyelash market, and all kinds of eyelashes are mixed, so some methods are needed to identify eyelashes. So how to distinguish good false eyelashes?

How to distinguish good false eyelashes

How to distinguish good false eyelashes

First of all, pay attention to the gloss and smell of the eyelashes. Good lashes are not good lashes if the color is dull, not shiny, or smelly. Good lashes must be shiny and odorless.

Secondly, look at the degree and thickness of eyelashes. Qualified false eyelashes have a natural crescent-like curvature, and they are thick and thin at the other end. Straight and straight false eyelashes do not have the beauty of naturally upturned.

Third, feel the hardness of the eyelashes. Fake eyelashes that are too soft have insufficient curl and curl. Too hard has no natural beauty. The most suitable one is that it is soft when pinched by hand, which is slightly harder than people’s real eyelashes.

Fourth, pay attention to its length. The specifications from 5-12 mm should be full, and the lashes with incomplete specifications are not natural. Use short lashes for the corner of the eye and long lashes for the middle.

Finally, the quality of eyelash glue is also very important. Take a small amount of eyelash glue and apply it evenly on the roots of the false eyelashes, and stick it to the back of the hand when it is half dry, and observe the firmness of the adhesion time. Observe the firmness of the time. Only those who meet this requirement will pass good eyelashes or glue.

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