How to customize your eyelash box

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There are many kinds of eyelash accessories, and the main function of most eyelash accessories is to protect eyelashes. As one of the many accessories for eyelashes, in addition to protecting the eyelashes, the eyelash box can also place the eyelashes better when not wearing them, and more easily carry the eyelashes. A beautiful eyelash box can better bring out the beauty of eyelashes, how to customize a beautiful eyelash box?

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First, determine the shape of the eyelash box you want.

Eyelash boxes come in many shapes, such as rectangle, square, round, diamond, hexagon, octagon, etc. You need to determine the shape of the eyelash box according to the length characteristics of the eyelashes. Not all eyelash boxes of all shapes can perfectly adapt to various eyelashes. For example, about 13-20mm eyelashes are more suitable for round, diamond-shaped boxes, because if the remaining area left in a square box is too large, it is not good-looking. 25mm or 28mm eyelashes are suitable for rectangular and square eyelash boxes. Putting them in a round box can easily press the hair peaks and damage the eyelashes.

Second, determine the color and material of the box you want.

The material of the eyelash box can be roughly divided into two types, one is acrylic box and the other is carton box. Among them, the paper box can be divided into ordinary paper card box and star flash paper box. Each box has its own characteristics and can show different effects. The color of the box is customized according to your own preferences. One thing to note is that the color of the inner box should not be black. Because the vast majority of eyelashes are black, this makes the eyelashes difficult to see in the box.

Third, determine your logo.

The essential thing for a customized eyelash box is your own logo. Only after matching your own unique logo can you show the unique beauty of the eyelash box. Keep in mind that the color of the logo should not be the same as the color of the eyelash box, as this will make the logo difficult to see.

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