How to customize lashes

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As one of the essential cosmetics, eyelashes are becoming more and more popular. In order to highlight their own personality, some customers have their own ideas about eyelashes and want to customize eyelashes according to their own ideas. But from a professional point of view, not all custom eyelash ideas are feasible. How to customize lashes? I will give the following suggestions.

Customize lashes according to eye shape

There are many people in the world, and there are also many different eye shapes. Different eyelash styles correspond to different eye shapes. Therefore, the most appropriate way to customize eyelashes is to customize your own eyelashes based on your eye shape. The many different eye shapes are roughly divided into the following categories:

How to customize lashes

For only $99, we can design two eyelashes that suit you best according to your eye shape, one for daily work, and one for dating.

Customize your lashes according to our general style

If you feel that the price of customizing eyelashes through eye shapes is too high, don’t worry, I will recommend some common styles suitable for different eye shapes, and you can also customize the length, thickness, curvature, etc. on this basis.
Drooping eyes-3D04

How to customize lashes

Deep eye socket-3D09A

How to customize lashes

Almond eyes-3D104

How to customize lashes

You can select the eyelash style you like through our catalog, and then tell us your requirements, we can customize the eyelashes for you, the price range is 4-12 dollars.

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