How to customize glue

2021-01-23 0 作者 admin

People’s needs are constantly evolving, and new customers don’t just want to customize eyelashes, eyelash boxes. They want to highlight their brand in more places, so they extend the need for customization to custom eyelash glue. Next, I will tell you how to customize the glue.

Custom glue is not difficult, the first step is to choose the style of glue bottle you like. A beautiful exterior light tends to attract more people’s attention, so to a certain extent, the appearance of the glue bottle determines its sales. The customization of the glue bottle is also very simple. You can design it yourself or let us design a beautiful glue bottle style for you, and then the factory will open the mold for you.

The second step is to choose the color of the glue. At present, the general glue color is black, white and transparent for customers to choose from. You can choose according to your customers’ preferences.

How to customize glue
According to your need custom the lash glue

The third step is to add your logo. There are generally two ways to add your own logo on the glue. One is to use a logo sticker. This method is more convenient. You can choose a logo sticker with a background, a logo sticker without a background, a transparent logo sticker and so on. The second is to use laser printing to directly print your logo on the glue bottle, but this method can only print text but not patterns. If your logo is based on patterns, then I suggest you use the logo sticker method.

If you want to know more about how to customize glue or if you want to customize glue, please contact me. Avapro Lashes is professional in eyelashes and its accessory products.