How to customize eyelashes?

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As the eyelash market is growing larger and larger, more and more users wear Strip Eyelashes. They want their make up is unique and perfect , They want their eyes is outstanding in each occasion, It is imperative to wear more Perfect Eyelashes according to their eye shape and makeup.So The demanding of Custom Mink Lashes are increasing as well. Let me tell you how to customize eyelashes.

How to customize the Eyelashes?

1.You can choose Different material

The material of the eyelashes, currently on the market are mainly synthetic,silk, mink fur, pony hair, human hair and other materials. Choosing a kind of material that suits you.

We always recommend customers to use Mink Eyelashes. In terms of softness and curvature, Mink Hair is most similar to our Original Eyelashes.

Other materials have more or less defects, or they look stiff and not beautiful, or they are easy to cause damage to human eyes.

2. Eyelash color

 Most customers require black, which is the mainstream color in the market. There are also some users who need to customize some special colors for special events, such as blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, orange red and so on.

These 7 colors are all customized colors, especially match up with the color of wigs,

A pair of special eyelashes, which add brilliance to your present splendor, unique!

3. Customize the Length Of The Eyelashes

 According to the customer’s preferences, to customize the length. for example: Asian people’s eye sockets are generally worn 7-10mm MINK LASHES, European and American people’s eye sockets are deep, generally wear 13-16mm MINK LASHES; special skin color black generally prefers longer eyelashes to highlight the five senses Features, generally 20~25mm MINK LASHES. Some people who participate in special events and occasions prefer to be more exaggerated and eye-catching, and can choose 28~30mm MINK LASHES.

You can also make different lengths in one pair of eyelashes, Which looks more personality.

Like lilly lashes hollywood styles (3d09a )

4. Customize the curve of the eyelashes

Different curves show different eyelash effects.Bigger Curve Eyelashes looks cute and lovely, Small Curve Eyelashes looks sexy and natural.

5.Customize the thickness of the eyelashes

Users can customize the thickness as needed, such as: thick, light, sexy, exaggerated.

6.Customize the crisscross of the eyelashes

It can be a small cross, it can be a big cross. Or don’t cross, different effects show different effect styles, Like Lilly Lashes(  Popular Miami styles, more crossed. .

7. Custom eyeliner – eyelash band

usually with the difference between black cotton and transparent band

Clear Band Eyelashes you can use different eyelash line color .

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