How to custom special-shaped lash boxes

2020-11-25 0 作者 admin

Nowadays, eyelashes have become one of the must-have cosmetics for women. With the emergence of this trend, various eyelash boxes have also appeared in front of people. Rectangle, square, round, and other conventional eyelash boxes can no longer satisfy people’s growing aesthetics, so special-shaped lash boxes are produced. So, how to custom special-shaped lash boxes?

First of all, confirm what kind of lash case you want to define, such as octagonal lash boxes, butterfly-shaped lash boxes, letter-shaped lash boxes, and so on. After confirming the feasible lash box shape, the second step is to find a high-quality lash supplier to order.

special-shaped lash boxes

Second, look for quality suppliers. Why look for a quality eyelash supplier? Because the eyelash supplier will supply both lashes and lash boxes, and a high-quality lash supplier will have a dedicated designer. Therefore, you can synchronize your ideas with the designer to ensure that the designed box can satisfy you.

Third, after confirming the design drawing with the designer, carefully observe the details until the modification is satisfied. After that, wait for the box to complete production.

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