How to Custom packing box for lash Glue

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Marks for Eyelashes Glue

eyelahes glue
eyelashes glues

Using eyelashes, you will definitely mention eyelash glue. Eyelash glue is medical glue, no harm to human skin. Custom packing box for lash Glue, you need to make your own logo in the glue bottle. If the quantity is huge, you can print or engrave directly on the glue bottle. If the quantity is not very large, you can mark yourself with a logo sticker on the bottle.

eyelashes and glues
eyelashes and glues

Lashes Glue Box

Some guests do not want to label the eyelash glue bottle, but hope to put it in the glue cardboard box. So, what are the contents of the general eyelash glue box?

1. Selection of eyelashes glue box background image:

generally use white, gold or black, simple style. Here, the logo content is highlighted based on the logo color and pattern.

2. Logo or company name of eyelashes glue boxes

is generally placed in a more prominent position. This will help the consumers to impress the name and get eyelash glue sales return.

3. Description of the eyelashes glue composition.

For example.

lashes glue
water 45%
2-Ethyl  Hexyl Acrylat 26.10%
Butyl Acrylate 17.80%
Methyl Methacrylate 6.30%
Propylene Glycol 3.30%
Methylacrylate Acid 1.50%

4. Contact information.

Contact information for the eyelash business includes social media accounts such as: Instagram / Facebook / Youtube Channel; personal website, email …etc.

When custom packing box for lash Glue, please inform the above information: box type, logo requirements, details and quantity, etc.