How to cooperate with AVAPRO on Eyelashes Dropshipping?

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There are customers who ask us: ‘Do you drop shipping your 3D mink eyelashes?’ ‘How to cooperate with you on your mink eyelashes drop-shipment?‘ ‘What’s your request to the partner if we do eyelashes drop shipment ?’ Cooperate with AVAPRO, we will meet all of your requirements.

1.What’s the eyelashes dropshipping?

Eyelashes Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where an eyelashes line-owner doesn’t keep the lashes and custom packing boxes they sell in stock. Instead, when a lashes line-owner sells the lashes, it purchases the item from a third party AVAPROLASHES and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product. Our Avapro lashes are a drop shipper in this business.

cooperate with AVAPRO
Dropping shipping business

2.How to cooperate with us on 3d mink eyelashes drop shipment

  • a) To tell us the lashes list you are interested in or in your eyelashes line scope, ie. 500pars of 25mm 3d mink eyelashes DH003,DH005, DH014,DH021…etc;

800pairs of 20mm 3D mink eyelashes DM01,DM02,DM17,DM20,DM09a…etc;

1000pairs of 10~16mm mink 3d eyelashes 3d01,3d11,3d30,3d88,3D104…etc;

2000pairs of natural mink eyelashesA001,A005,A023,A0040,A100,A006a…etc;

3000pairs of silk eyelashes 3ds001,3DS005, 3DS018,3DS033,3DSZ40,Z012A…etc.

cooperate with AVAPRO
cooperate with AVAPRO
cooperate with AVAPRO
  • b) The details quantity of each lashes style. Our AVAPRO lashes company facing the customers from all over the world, so we have to know confirmed the lashes styles and quantity in your purchasing list. When some styles will sell out, our person will contact you and tell you if it adds in next stocking list.
  • c) We can do custom eyelashes, if you want us to make the customized style lashes, please send all details of technical data or referring photo. When everything all confirmed then make them in stock.

The styles of eyelashes packing boxes must confirm first, and the logo & information next. For examples:

Eyelash boxes shape: rectangle shape eyelashes box, square shape lashes box, heart shape lashes boxes, diamond shape eyelashes boxes…etc.; logo & information: how many colors does it have, CMYK print or hot stamping logo, if the hot stamping logo, gold color, silver, rose gold, holographic…etc.

  • e) Payment.

The whole lashes in your purchasing list and custom eyelashes packing boxes should be played before the business starting.

About the shipping costs, there is a person to handling your orders and inquiry will assist you to calculate the costs of shipment. We usually send out the eyelashes by DHL,UPS or Fedex.

The extra charges for the packing and workers as per the lashes packages delivered a month. For example, The KK collection sent out 40 thousand packages to the buyers’ orders in the month May, they should pay extra $1500. The more orders, the more extra fees.

  • f) Buyers’s address

The buyers address and contact information got from your side, have to clear and confirmed.

  • g) About the missing eyelashes packages

Once the eyelashes packages send out, we will send all tracking number to you. Please asking the buyers to keep eye on the express persons’ phone and related information. We are not responsible for that.

If you still have any questions, please contact me. Cooperate with Avapro lashes, we will solve your questions.