How to cooperate with a lash supplier

2020-12-05 0 作者 admin

Now, the lash industry is extremely hot, and new eyelash sellers appear every day, and new eyelash suppliers are also born. Therefore, how to choose an eyelash supplier and what kind of eyelash supplier to choose has become a problem. Some notes on how to choose an eyelash supplier are also mentioned in the previous blog. This blog mainly talks about how to cooperate with a lash supplier after choosing a good lash supplier.

First of all, choose a good supplier, a good supplier is essential to your eyelash business.

Second, choose eyelash styles from the supplier’s catalog. Where can a high-quality eyelash supplier have a variety of eyelash styles and support custom eyelashes, modify the size, thickness, and curvature of the eyelashes. Determine the number of eyelashes after confirming the style of eyelashes.

Third, the eyelash box is indispensable for starting eyelash business. After confirming the style and quantity of the eyelashes, you can start to choose the style of the box, from the appearance and shape of the box to the color of the box to the size and position of the logo, etc., all of which must be fully discussed with the eyelash supplier. After the confirmation is correct, start production so that there will be no errors.

These must be purchased from eyelash suppliers. In addition, you can also decide whether to buy eyelash glue, tweezers, etc. according to your needs. To learn how to cooperate with a lash supplier is necessary.

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