How to choose eyelashes according to different occasions

2020-04-13 0 作者 admin

Why choose different style of eyelashes according to different occasions

In most people’s minds, false eyelashes usually are reserved for the evenings, a big trip or a date. On these occasions, wearing ordinary eyelashes will naturally attract people’s attention, let others notice you. Actrually choose eyelashes according to different occasions.

Eyelashes are suitable for any occasion

In fact, false eyelashes can be worn no matter day or night, no matter any occassions. All you need to do is choose the right style. Be aware that no matter whether it is a dress style or a cosmetic style, knowing that you choose the right style in different occasions, you will become the focus. Don’t know how to choos eyelashes according different occasions? It’ ok, I will tell you how to chosse eyelashes according to different occasions.

Different effects created by different styles are suitable for different occasions. There are many different visual effects depending on the eyelash style you choose such as nature, wild, unrestrained, graceful, etc. Now, let me tell you some elements to pay attention to when choosing eyelashes.

The first: Length

When you take part in a party, a prom or a date, you can wear a pair of 25mm mink lashes even a pair of 28mm mink lashes. With the eyelashes, you can become more attractive. But,you must not wear this style in office, it looks out of place on this occasion, isn’t it? If you want to wear eyelashes in office, you can try the eyelashes with 13-16mm. This kind of eyelashes are of moderate length and can also show the beauty of your eyes.

The second: curl

The other important element is curl. Curl is significant for eyelashes, it can best show the characteristics of eyelashes. On some formal occasions, you can try 3D mink lashes, it make you look more natural and formal. And on some non-formal occasions, you can boldly wear 5D eyelashes. This can better show your personality.

The third: Thickness

Thin eyelashes looks more natural, while enhancing the beauty of the eyes, it will not look different. Thick eyelashes will make your eyes looks bigger, more atticative.

No matter what occasion, we will have a corresponding eyelash. If you do n’t know how to choose eyelashes according to the occasion,you can contact me. I’m happy to help you.