How to choose eyelash boxes

2020-04-15 0 作者 admin

Choosing an eyelash box when buying eyelashes is an important process

Eyelash styles are diverse, eyelash boxes styles are diverse, too. Different styles of eyelashes fit different styles of boxes. Don’t know how to choose eyelash boxes? That’s nothing. Let me tell you some points about choosing eyelash boxes.

How to choose an eyelash box

The first point of choosing eyelash boxes is according to the length of eyelashes

As we all know, different styles of eyelashes have different lengths, curl, thicknesses, es, and so on. As far as the eyelashes are concerned, length is the most important point for choosing eyelashes. Because each box has its own size, not all lengths of eyelashes can fit one size of the box. You can choose eyelash boxes according to length such as 13-16mm eyelashes and 20mm eyelashes fit round boxes, diamond lashes boxes, triangle boxes, etc. 25mm or longer eyelashes fit rectangular lashes boxes, square lashes boxes.

The second point of choosing eyelash boxes according to whether with eyelash accessories

If you buy some eyelashes with eyelash accessories, for example, glue, tweezers, and so on. Maybe you can try an eyelash set. If you only buy eyelashes, you can choose an eyelash box according to the length of eyelashes.

The third point of choosing eyelash boxes according to your or your customers’ taste

It is very important to point for you to choose the eyelash that chooses the box according to your or your customers’ taste. Whether you choose eyelashes or eyelash boxes, you have to like them. If you are buying eyelash boxes for your customers, you should consider what styles meet the aesthetics of your customer group and can fully adapt to the characteristics of eyelashes.

But the box customized according to the eyelashes is the best box for the eyelashes, which can not only show the characteristics of the eyelashes but also not lose the beauty of eyelashes. If you want to customize the box, you can contact me. We will design the box according to the eyelashes and your requirements.