How to choose eyelash boxes for eyelash entrepreneurs

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The demand for eyelashes is increasing, and the eyelash business is becoming more and more popular. More people are now joining the eyelash business. For newcomers to eyelash entrepreneurship, in addition to finding a good supplier, it is also a knowledge to match different eyelashes with different eyelash boxes. So for novices, how to choose eyelash boxes?

Recently, more and more glamorous eyelash cases have entered the market, and more and more eyelash retailers want to use eyelash cases to attract customers. Is this true? In fact, this is not good. The reason why customers enter your store is to buy high-quality eyelashes and have a better experience. Imagine that when your customer buys your eyelashes because the box is very beautiful, but the quality of the eyelashes is not satisfactory after opening the box, the customer will feel fooled. Will he go to your shop again?

In fact, the packaging is still the best fit, as long as the promotion effect is achieved. How to choose an eyelash box that matches the eyelashes to highlight the promotional effect of the eyelashes? The following views are for reference only:

For thinner and lighter styles

It is most appropriate to choose a compact and exquisite package. On the one hand, it can highlight the effect of eyelashes, on the other hand, it can save packaging space and reduce shipping costs. This can greatly reduce their own costs while promoting their products for novices.

How to choose eyelash boxes

For double eyelashes and thicker eyelashes (5D or 6D eyelashes)

You can choose a larger rectangular eyelash box. There are two types of eyelash boxes with mirror and without mirror. The cost of a box without a mirror is lower than that with a mirror. It is recommended that entrepreneurs with a small budget who are just starting in the eyelash business use a box without a mirror. Because everyone now carries his own mobile phone, the mobile phone can act as a mirror.

How to choose eyelash boxes

In addition, in addition to these clamshell magnet boxes, paper card boxes are also a good choice for low-budget entrepreneurs. You can sell more paper card boxes than clamshell magnet boxes at the same price, and the appearance of the paper card box Also very beautiful.

How to choose eyelash boxes

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