How about AVAPRO 3d mink lash?

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 What is 3d mink lash

3D mink lash, no single hair on a single curvature, you will see different beautiful point from different angle, we call it 3D mink lash.
The 3D eyelash are inspired by the fact that no leaf in the world is the same. No petal is the same. It is this difference that creates the beauty of nature.

3d mink lashes

What are 6d mink lashes?

6d mink eyelashes, refers to double-layered, thicker, more curved. More exaggerated.

6d mink lashes

Are 3d mink lashes better than synthetic lashes ?

Mink Lashes are the hair of the animal. The composition of the velvet is different. The lashes of the bristles are the same as none of the hairs. They are not bright, and they are more hand-made and look more natural. The synthetic lashes are made of 0.05 synthetic fiber material, which has a bright sensation and looks more fake and dull.

Are your mink lashes good?

3d mink lashes
3d mink lahses

Our mink eyelashes are natural, smart and elegant. The eyeliner is soft and durable, and it is comfortable to wear. Even after a long time, the eyeliner is not easy to break. After the eyelashes are taken down, they are naturally bent and easy to wear. Waterproof, eyelash wash hair dryer can still be returned to the original after drying.

Can you reuse mink lashes?

Our eyelashes can be used 20-25 times, if carefully protected the life is much longer. Our eyelash glue is patented, soft and durable, not easy to break, you can use it with confidence!

Do you other colorful lashes beside the black ?

3D color lashes

Eyelashes can be of other colors, such as brown eyelashes, blue and black eyelashes, can be done, but these eyelashes are not everyday style, the sales volume is not very large. If you have special needs, you can tell us.

where are our mink lashes selling to ?

Our eyelashes are sold all over the world. The mink eyelashes are started in Canada, and gradually exported to the United States, the Middle East, Mexico, Europe, etc. Japan and South Korea mainly sell chemical fiber.

Where is the factory for eyelashes? Where are they produced?

Our factory is located in Pingdu, Qingdao, Shandong Province, where is the eyelash production base. 80% of the world’s eyelashes are produced here, and 80% of the world’s high-end eyelashes are produced by AVAPRO factory.

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