The Classic Natural Mink Lashes

2021-10-28 0 作者 Mary Ma

Speaking of the most classic Lashes of  Avapro, Natural Mink Lashes must be the first series that cannot be missed.  It was developed from a beautiful romantic love story.  Good eyelash is to have a soul, gift your beauty when you wear, natural, meaningful glamour, also bring the good feeling that enjoys romantic life to you.  This is the timeless appeal of good classic lashes.

So What are natural mink lashes made of?

They are made from real high-quality mink fur, which allows for a light, soft, fluffy, and more natural look when you wear them. Due to the high quality of materials and lightweight and waterproof of the eyelashes, mink lashes are able to be reused over and over, up to 25-30 times.

The most popular Styles of Natural Mink Lashes

After years of market testing and customer feedback, there are now 22 kinds of eyelashes that are very popular and are always produced and stocked in our factory.  It can be said that when the client is not sure what kind of eyelashes to choose, these are the casual styles, classic 15mm length, suitable for all scenarios.

Private customized service for the Natural Mink Lashes

In addition to our existing styles, we also welcome customers to have their own designs and suggestions, we provide customers with a full range of private customization from the following aspects:  

  1. Customized Lash Band

2. Custom Lash Length

3. DIY Eyelash Volume

4. Personalized Eyelash Effect

5. Custom Lash Price

6. Custom Made Lash Shape

7. Custom Lash Packaging

If you want to place the bulk order or sample order, or other questions more in detail you want to learn about natural mink lashes, please do not hesitate to contact us at Whatsapp or email anytime.

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The Most Popular Classic Mink Lashes Styles Catalog