Suggestions to customers

2020-11-05 0 作者 admin

Winter is about to enter, and it is also a period of time when the new crown may recur. At present, many countries have made the decision and related measures to lock the country or city for a period of time to prevent the new crown. Recently, this time is also the peak season for high-end lash sales. During this time, there are many holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on. So here are some suggestions for customers.

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Although domestic transportation and logistics will not be affected after the country is closed or the city is closed. It will have an impact on international transportation and logistics, and it will have an impact on you who need to import mink eyelashes. Therefore, my suggestion is to order a batch of high-end lash and eyelash boxes to meet the needs of the inventory before the measures to close the country or the city are implemented. This will be more beneficial to the development of your eyelash business. Just imagine, in the peak eyelash sales season, how much loss will you incur if the eyelashes in your inventory are sold out but cannot be restocked? So you can decide the number of eyelashes and eyelash boxes to buy this time according to the customer flow of your store in the past, in case of emergency.

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