Hally Potter and Charming 3D Mink Eyelashes

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Harry Potter has returned to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry to study magic. He noticed a lot of changes among his friends and classmates. Eyelashes had become longer and their appearance level had improved and more beautiful. He carefully noticed that everyone’s eyelashes have become longer with different styles. What causes your lashes to change differently? Maybe 3D mink lashes.

Harry potter and 3d mink eyelashes
harry potter and 3D mink eyelashes

He finds his best friend Hermione Grange.

“Why are you looking so beautiful more?” Asked the Harry.

‘As for my eyelashes changed, it seems longer than that one of before’ Hermione said, ‘headmaster Severus Snape gives us three beautiful charms:

One mantra: happy-ava-pro-mink-eyelashes

When you cast this spell, your eyelashes will automatically match a natural eyelash according to your face shape, socket depth, skin color, etc.

Changes in eyelash styles can be repeated with the sliding function of magic wand, you can choose different lashes styles.

One magic eyelash pattern can be achieved 12 hours, the life cycle reused is generally made 30 times.

Second mantra: happy-ava – pro-3d -silk-eye- ashes-colorful

colorful lashes

When we say this spell, 3d silk eyelashes will automatically lengthen our eyelashes, the default base color is black, and you can swing the wand up and down to change the color, with a total of 6 colors: red, pink, yellow, gold and purple, blue.

Swing around the magic wand to change eyelash style.

Third spell: crazy-ava- pro-3d -mink-lashes-25mm

This spell can be used to highlight our special effects or to bring more shock to people on stage.

25mm 3D mink lashes, especially, double thickness 25mm 3D mink eyelashes, that is dramatic thickness. Make the people look crazier and sexier.

That’s all. “What special and beautiful lashes !”

Avapro lashes, always surprise you.