Halloween Lash Cases and Luxury Eyelashes

2019-09-19 0 作者 admin

In order to celebrate the Halloween Festival, our lashes designers are designing some Halloween lash cases for the customers. Do you want to design your lash boxes by yourself? If you want, then read on.

The cases with logos and patterns 3D printed on, it’s cheaper than the magnetic boxes and delivery fast. And they are more beautiful after adding the logo, isn’t it? The unique Halloween logo will help you to sell better during Halloween, after all, people will always buy some holiday-related items near the festival season.

Halloween Lash Cases

These patterns all have holiday features. If you are interested in the boxes, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are want to custom eyelash packaging boxes, please feel free to contact us soon. If you need to custom Halloween lash cases, welcome to contact me. In addition, we can also customize Halloween lashes for you, which will definitely make you the most dazzling and eye-catching in the Halloween makeup feast. Do you want to custom lashes? If you want, contact me quickly.

AVAPRO Lashes handmade the luxury lashes in true heart, light every woman who is wearing our 3D mink eyelashes, lighting her beauty life, lighting the world where Avapro lashes went.