Halloween Eve and 28mm 3D Mink Eyelashes

2019-07-26 0 作者 admin

The theme of Halloween is ghosts, scary, and things related to death, magic, and monsters. Things that usually relate to Halloween are ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, goblins, zombies, baboons, pumpkin heads and demons, corpses, and fictional characters such as bloodsucking zombies and science. Frankenstein, pumpkin lights. Black and orange are the traditional colors of Halloween. Autumn elements such as pumpkins and scarecrows have also become symbols of Halloween. And 28mm 3D mink eyelashes long styles is the good tools to the makeup.28mm mink eyelashes is characterized by long and curly, and more attractive attention.


Halloween costumes, thousands of people, not just monotonous ghosts and devils. To make the simplest ghost costume, use a white sheet on your head and lick two holes to keep your eyes. If you want to play the magician, put on black and black pants, and then put on a black hat and false eyelashes, and A fluffy bunny rabbit is placed between the top hat and the top of the head. The child wears white trousers with 3d false eyelashes, and then a flashlight on the back is dressed as a little angel on the head. Some parents also dress the children as they like. Cartoon image. 3D mink eyelashes play an important role in their makeup; they can wear different styles of eyelashes according to different cartoon characters.It’s easier to shape the characters and highlight the features.


On Halloween night

children wear masks and false eyelashes, and collect candy from house to house. Ghostly costumes, false eyelashes, masks and props, as well as cute pumpkin lights, will be available one month before the arrival of Halloween. In October, there will be large-scale ghost festivals and make-up meetings. Visitors can participate in it. A distinctive exotic culture.