How to find a good eyelash manufacturer

2020-11-07 0 作者 admin

Now, starting an eyelash business has gradually become a mainstream trend. More people are participating. But if you want to sustainably develop your eyelash business, you must first have a good source of goods and supply channels, which requires a good eyelash manufacturer.

What are the criteria for judging a good eyelash manufacturer?

First of all, a good eyelash manufacturer needs to have his own eyelash factory. As a good eyelash manufacturer, he must have his own factory to ensure his own production and supply capabilities.

Second, a high-quality eyelash manufacturer should also have its own mink farm. Nowadays, customers are pursuing the protection of animals. So they will choose non-cruel mink eyelashes. Only when an eyelash manufacturer has its own mink farm can the raw material of eyelashes be 100% non-cruel mink eyelashes. AVAPRO LASHES has its own mink farm. All mink hair used to make mink eyelashes is gently collected with a comb during the natural mink hair removal season.

good eyelash manufacturer

Third, a professional design team is also an indispensable factor for a good lash manufacturer. The professional design team can keep up with the trend and design suitable eyelash styles according to the current popular eyelash trends. At the same time, it can also meet the needs of customers, and customize and modify eyelashes according to customer requirements.

AVAPRO LASHES, a high-quality lash manufacturer, can meet your various needs for eyelashes. If you want to wholesale or customize eyelashes, please contact me.