Glam Every person who worn the AVAPRO False Lashes

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Eyelashes designer

From a very young age, Oscar found himself very intrigued by the world of beauty and art until he found his true signature in hair and makeup design. In the process of reaching her accomplishments, he studied at Shandong University of Arts & Design for over 5 years and became a UAD Pro lashes teacher and designer. He continued to educate himself from various lashes techniques and styles from magazines and other makeup ideas that have been published and recognized for eyelashes and makeup artistry in print, editorials, billboards, music videos, and fashion shows. Now let me introduce Avapro False Lashes to you.

eyelashes designer

Ten years in the beauty industry, Oscar has flourished his talents into creating and developing AVAPRO LASHES: China’s greatest leading team of eyelashes professionals. AVAPRO LASHES’ mission is to glam every person who worn the AVAPRO FALSE LASHES! Let us come to you with our expertise and precision in becoming the most radiant makeup every day.

Glam every eyelashes users

  AVAPRO LASHE specializes in Eyelashes and Makeup artistry for daily life and all special events. AVAPRO LASHES travels on-site and brings luxury artistry to you on your special day. We offer endless amounts of services to accommodate your special day. Our certified- extensively trained team will go beyond to make your dreams a reality.  We are confident in making you feel like you are ready for the new feelings. The AVAPRO LASHES team is passionately committed to achieving the look that you desire.