What lashes to buy for beginners

2021-10-03 0 作者 Mary Ma

We recently uploaded a video on our YouTube channel featuring the 3D faux mink lashes, which are perfect and good for anyone just starting out in their eyelash business or beginners.  Because the price is more cheaper than mink hair, but the wearing effect can be comparable to mink hair, and the quality still continues Avapro‘s traditional technology, which is a great help for customers to expand the market, and 3D faux mink lashes are really good choice for beginners.

1. Material of 3DSZ faux mink eyelashes

These lashes are made of comparable synthetic materials, After a special treatment, it is soft and light like silk.  Wear comfortable natural curl.

2. 3DSZ faux mink eyelash band

3DSZ lashes use black cotton band for a more comfortable and soft look.  Of course, you can also use a clear band, which can be worn with large eyeliner in different colors, which is also great for nude makeup.

3. 3DSZ faux mink eyelash wearing times

Can be worn 25-30 times

4. 3DSZ faux mink eyelash length and style

The length of 11-13mm, very suitable for daily makeup, no makeup wear will look good, especially natural beautiful.  Now there are nine styles for selection.

5. Minimum order quantity  

The minimum order quantity is 10 pairs, which can be matched with different styles.  Of course, the larger the order, the more preferential the price.It’s good choice for the begginers.

6. Provide personal customization

In addition to our existing styles, we also welcome customers to have their own designs and suggestions, we provide customers with a full range of private customization from the following aspects:  

  1. Customized Lash Band
  2. Custom Lash Length
  3. DIY Eyelash Volume
  4. Personaziled Eyelash Effect
  5. Custom Lash Price
  6. Custom Made Lash Shape
  7. Custom Lash Packaing

For more details about 3DSZ lashes or if we can be of any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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