Eyelashes sample pack

2021-04-02 0 作者 admin

Many people are now trying to develop their own eyelash business. When targeting several suppliers, they often choose to buy a batch of samples to test the quality of the product and the popularity of customers. But just buying eyelash samples does not have a good sales effect, because most customers still need eyelash boxes. However, if you want to make a sample of the eyelash box, it will increase your initial cost invisibly. Now let me introduce to you our Eyelashes sample pack, which is more suitable for eyelash entrepreneurs.

This Eyelashes sample pack is divided into the following four parts

  • 25mm mink lashes sample pack

This set contains two styles, one is 25mm 3D mink lashes and the other is 25mm 6D mink lashes. You can choose from these two series, each with 5 pairs of eyelashes. This set includes a total of 10 pairs of eyelashes and 10 simple eyelash boxes, and you can get them for only $99.9. Free shipping! !! !!

Eyelashes sample pack
  • 3D mink lashes sample pack

This set includes all the styles of 13mm-20mm 3D mink lashes for you to choose from. Similarly, this set also includes 10 pairs of eyelashes and 10 simple eyelash boxes, and only costs 88.9 US dollars. Free shipping! !! !!

  • Eco-friendly lashes sample pack

Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental protection is constantly improving, and they also want environmentally-friendly cosmetics for daily necessities and even cosmetics. In response to the needs of customers, you can choose this eyelash as your main product. Like the first two sample packs, it also contains 10 pairs of eyelashes, 10 simple boxes, and only costs $65.9. Free shipping! !! !!

  • Different sample pack

The last sample pack, this sample pack includes 10 pairs of eyelashes (you can choose from all our eyelash styles), 10 eyelash boxes, 1 eyelash, and 1 bottle of glue. This sample pack costs 119.9 dollars. Free shipping! !! !!

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