Eyelashes manufacturer & vendor how to introduce shipping company to the Customers?

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There are many customers puzzling the costs of eyelashes orders’ shipment. Today, I will write you the details of eyelashes shipping company: DHL, UPS, Fedex and EMS.
“How to calculate the weight of your eyelashes order?”
“How to calculate the costs of your freight of eyelashes shipping?”
“What kind of Express company will we choose for our eyelashes business?”

shipping company

1.How to calculate the weight of your eyelashes’ order?

a) The Express companies are calculating the shipping fee by weight and volume. That weight is gross weight- the package of all mink eyelashes and customized eyelashes boxes actual weight.

b) The volume of eyelashes package, the out sizes of eyelashes package Length x width x high in cm. The volume weight = Length x width x high (CC)/5000. For example,
Length40cm x width30cm x high30cm (CC)/5000 = 7.5kg

c) Compared gross weight with Volume weigh to get the big one to calculate the shipping costs.

2.How to calculate the costs of your freight of eyelashes shipping?

There is no much special differences between the international carriers DHL, UPS, Fedex, The weight within the First 0.5kg, about $25 from China to American and Europe and Australia.
But for a bit bigger weight 10.5KG~20kgs, VS 20.5kg above, we should compare carefully.

For examples: DHL.15KG is about $280 to USA, but 20.5kg will be $250, so we have to change a bit larger boxes to the eyelashes package.

3.What kind of Express company will we choose for our eyelashes business?

The purpose of eyelashes express are fast, safe and low shipping costs. The actual express are fast ones with high prices, the more safety express are high prices.

We ship our eyelashes packing boxes by DHL, It’s our first choice for its delivery on time and that cannot miss our eyelashes packages. The UPS is next choice for its delivery time a bit longer than the DHL for the American market. The last one is FedEx, but we were used to losing several packages, It’s weak safety on the eyelashes packages transport. There are someone asked us why we don’t use the EMS, it’s much cheaper than DHL, UPS, FedEx. The EMS is long time delivery to the buyer 10~15days, sometime are more, and easy missing the eyelashes boxes.

For our eyelashes business, the second import thing is time. The 3D mink lashes delivery to users on time and take their happy time with fashionable feeling is our aim. So the users felt best means our lashes market stable and the fund return in short time. So there’s nothing to worry about your eyelash business by this fast steps.