Eyelashes and Human Hairs

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The lashes and hairs are living at the top of the head. Eyelashes said: we are like the upper and lower rows of guardians, lined up at the eyelid fissure edges. Now let me tell you the relationship between eyelashes and human hairs.

Eyelashes are the eyes of the second line of defense. If things such as dust touch eyelash, the eyelid can reflexively close. In order to protect the eyeball from external invasion.

Has the shading, prevents the dust, the things, the sweat to enter the eye and carries on the protection to the cornea, the eyeball function.

Eyelashes also protect against damage to the eyes.

We are the most important to human beings, eyes are the Windows of the soul, eyelashes are the soul of the makeup.

Human Hair, not to be outdone: Hair growing on the head. Although we are not organs, we do not contain nerves and blood vessels, but cells Hair, in addition to adding beauty, is mainly used to protect the head. Soft, fluffy hair is elastic and can withstand lighter collisions and help evaporate sweat from the head.

human hairs

The hair of average person has 100 thousand or so about, in all hair, the length of the hair is longest, especially woman wears long hair person. Some grow to 95 to 100cm, even 150cm, but usually no more than 200cm.

Our colors are generally determined by our genes. The common colors are black, golden yellow, brown and red. As humans age, hair usually turns silver white.

eyelasehs and human hair

Depending on race and region, hair can be jet black, golden, red-brown, red-brown, light yellow, greying, and even green and red.


Eyelashes and hair are both part of the human body, each playing its own unique role.

Hair is also a symbol of masculinity; it is part of the body.

It is beautiful part more, accordingly, the beauty that more and more people pay attention to their own eyelash and hair, all sorts of design and hairstyle depicted the disposition of different person and life attitude.

If you want to learn more about the eyelashes and human hairs, please let me know, I will tell you more.