Eye Shape And Matching Eyelashes

2018-07-11 0 作者 admin

Most of us do not realize that this fact should be leading when deciding how to make our lashes look fabulous. It is important to choose eyelashes according to eye shape, here is what you need to know:


How to make our lashes look fabulous

You have almond eye if your irises disappear into your upper and lower eyelids when you look straight ahead. This type of eyes is considered suitable for all type of false lashes.

You have prominent eye if your eyelids seem projected in the eye socket area. To balance the look, it is advisable to apply strip lashes on the bottom as well.

If the crease on your eyelids is not visible, then you have hooded eyes. In this case it is better to use thin strip lashes which are not too long.

If you have a more prominent brow bone, then you have the so called deep-set eyes. You need to opt for more length in the center of the false lashes that you use.

If you have downturned eyes, then the outer corners of your eyes look as if drawing downwards. You need to have your eyes “lifted up” so use a shorter strip lash that has longer pieces in the outer corners.

In addition to the shape, it is also important to check if you have close-set or wide-set eyes. In order to check that, you need to measure whether the distance between your eyes is less or more than the length of one of your eyes. If it is less, then you have a close-set. And it is better to use false lashes that are longer at the corners in order to make your eyes appear more divided. If the distance is more, then you have a wide-set and in this case. Opt for lashes that focus on the center and inner corner of your eyes.