Eye Makeup For Different Occasions

2018-08-06 0 作者 admin

If you are born with a single eye or a double eye, combine your condition to create a decent makeup. Don’t put on a pompous look in the workplace. The place to work is not a circus. Since beauty is not amazing, do not go ugly and outstanding.


What a positive thing it is to get dressed up and get together with your best friends! The woman who lives delicately, always passes a trace of detail, from the eye makeup to the red lip, all have the ceremonial feeling.

On a date, our make-up is commensurate with the clothes. In general, the girls will dress up in a very small woman at the date of the date. It also looks at the place of the date. If you go to a senior restaurant, or have a party of two friends, a thick eye line will make your eyes power ten.

Small eyes should also have a large field of vision, travel is an important part of self-cultivation. Don’t go out in a sloppy way, change your clothes, make up, even take pictures.

Use the same foundation as your neck, and your body’s skin. On both sides of the cheeks and nostrils, shape with toner. The makeup of eyebrow is natural, color and hair color are similar.

Eye makeup is the focus of eyeliner, eyeliner to stretch the end of the eye up. If it is a sexy fashion, draw eyeliner a bit thicker so that the eyes appear smart.