Essential elements for starting eyelash business

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As we all know, the lashes business is more and more popular now, so more and more people are joining the lash business, start their own lash line. There are many indispensable factors to successfully launch your own lash line. This blog will introduce the essential elements for starting eyelash business to you. The essential elements including website, supplier and social media.


Essential elements for starting eyelash business

Now is the age of the Internet and the age of information. Everything can make the Internet a carrier to promote its own development. Of course, the eyelash business is no exception, and building a website is essential. Next, let me tell you what a website can do.

1. Show off your lashes

The most important function of the website is to show your eyelashes. You can take photos of your eyelash products and upload them to your webpage, so that customers can make a first impression when choosing your eyelashes, and then they will have a direct goal when they find you. This can save you and your customers a lot of time. At the same time, the website can also be connected with your social media, for example, you can add your YouTube video to your web page. This can achieve two-way drainage.

2. Used to publish your blog

Another function of the website is to publish your blog. Here you can share some eyelash tips with customers, such as how to choose eyelashes, how to customize eyelash boxes, how to match eyelashes more suitable for different occasions, and so on. This is where you communicate with customers. Customers can get what they want here, and they can also leave their questions to ask you for help.

3. Show your lash line to customers

The content on the website can show customers your huge eyelash chain, supply eyelashes, eyelash box, eyelash accessories (glue, tweezers, etc.), eyelashes and eyelash box customization services. This will make customers feel that you are more reliable.


Essential elements for starting eyelash business

As we all know, the supplier is very important for those who want to start lash business. The quality of the supplier will determine the quality and quantity of your customers, and even the success or failure of your eyelash business. Therefore, choosing a good supplier is essential. So, how to choose an excellent eyelash supplier?

When choosing an excellent eyelash supplier, you should pay attention to the following points:

1. Whether you have a complete lash line

This is a point worth noting. If the eyelash supplier you choose does not have a complete eyelash chain by itself, then he will not be able to guarantee that it will be helpful to the construction of your eyelash chain and the development of your eyelash business. An excellent eyelash supplier should have an eyelash chain that can provide a series of services such as eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelash accessories, and customized solutions for eyelashes and eyelashes. In this way he can help your eyelash career. An eyelash supplier is not just as simple as providing eyelashes for your eyelash business, but should also provide experience and help to new eyelash businesses.

2. Does it have its own lash production factory

This is very important. If the eyelash supplier you choose does not have its own factory, but buys from other suppliers, he will not be able to guarantee that his supply is sufficient. If you cannot guarantee that your supply is sufficient, you cannot guarantee a stable supply. Therefore, an excellent supplier should also have its own eyelash factory, so as to ensure its supply capacity.

3. Is there a professional design team

Whether you have your own design team determines whether your supplier can launch new styles for you. As we all know, eyelashes as cosmetics are directly linked to fashion trends. If your style is the same as that of the market, and there is no special attraction, then you will eventually lose out to the big eyelash dealers. If your eyelashes have a special attraction, it will bring great opportunities to your eyelash career.

Social media

In the previous two blogs, we introduced two important factors for starting an eyelash business. Now let’s talk about the third one—social media. Social media, in the current information age, no one can live without social media. Therefore, social media is also very helpful for your eyelash business.

Nowadays, several social media have widely entered people’s field of vision, such as Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, and so on. Next, I will introduce you one by one.


Pinterest uses a waterfall to display the content of pictures, no need for users to turn pages, new pictures are constantly automatically loaded at the bottom of the page, allowing users to constantly discover new pictures.

Pinterest can be called the picture version of Twitter. Netizens can save the pictures they are interested in on Pinterest, and other netizens can follow and forward the pictures. In the mobile Internet era, netizens prefer to watch pictures on mobile devices. Therefore, using this method can maximize your website traffic.


As a popular video app around the world, YouTube can also attract a huge amount of traffic to your eyelash business. You can show your eyelash products to your customers by uploading videos. At the same time, you can also interact with fans by broadcasting live on YouTube to achieve online marketing.


Facebook is the world’s leading photo-sharing site, uploading approximately 350 million photos every day as of November 2013. As of May 2012, Facebook has approximately 900 million users. Any user can join by entering a valid email address and their own age range. Convenient and no-threshold application methods have allowed the number of Facebook users to maintain a steady growth. Therefore, Facebook can also increase the audience coverage of your eyelash products and attract more customers for you.

While using these social media to attract traffic for you, you must pay attention to adding your effective contact information, such as your email address, WhatsApp number, URL, etc., in your posts, so that customers can accurately find you.

If you want to learn more about essential elements for starting an eyelash business, how to start your lashes business and how to build your lash line, you can contact me. Maybe I can give you some suggestions. And I am happy to help you.