Essential elements for starting an eyelash business (3) Social media

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In the previous two blogs, we introduced two important factors for starting an eyelash business. Now let’s talk about the third one—social media. Social media, in the current information age, no one can live without social media. Therefore, social media is also very helpful for your eyelash business.

Nowadays, several social media have widely entered people’s field of vision, such as Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Next, I will introduce you one by one.


Pinterest uses a waterfall to display the content of pictures, no need for users to turn pages, new pictures are constantly automatically loaded at the bottom of the page, allowing users to constantly discover new pictures.

Pinterest can be called the picture version of Twitter. Netizens can save the pictures they are interested in on Pinterest, and other netizens can follow and forward the pictures. In the mobile Internet era, netizens prefer to watch pictures on mobile devices. Therefore, using this method can maximize your website traffic.

Social media


As a popular video app around the world, YouTube can also attract a huge amount of traffic to your eyelash business. You can show your eyelash products to your customers by uploading videos. At the same time, you can also interact with fans by broadcasting live on YouTube to achieve online marketing.


Facebook is the world’s leading photo-sharing site, uploading approximately 350 million photos every day as of November 2013. As of May 2012, Facebook has approximately 900 million users. Any user can join by entering a valid email address and their own age range. Convenient and no-threshold application methods have allowed the number of Facebook users to maintain a steady growth. Therefore, Facebook can also increase the audience coverage of your eyelash products and attract more customers for you.

While using these social media to attract traffic for you, you must pay attention to adding your effective contact information, such as your email address, WhatsApp number, URL, etc., in your posts, so that customers can accurately find you .

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