Do you Apply False Lashes to Skin or natural Lashes?

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False Eyelashes

There are many classes teaching us how to wear faux lashes. The false lashes include upper lashes and bottom lashes. The upper false lashes for the eyelid and natural lashes. As the habit of makeup, people doing the false lashes up at the last steps-make the finish point.

The faux lashes put up on the base of natural lashes and eyelids. It’s usually pasted by the medical glue. The false lashes are curled with the natural lashes showing lashes extension and different styles of looking, charming for the whole makeup, and glamming the eye.

If we make the faux lashes on the skin. It’s easy to show the skin between the natural eyelashes and false eyelashes, out of complete beautiful purpose. That’s why many users do their own makeup by themselves, but cannot get the 100% perfectly showing as well as the artist.

False Lashes
False Lashes
False Lashes

Someone likes to use the mascara with false lashes

The artist will make a draft design in her brain as per the face shape and characters. The artist will deal with the face first, then process with near eyes. Someone likes to use the mascara with false eyelashes. Often use mascara, if there is no correct makeup remover, there will be pigmentation in the long run, and then the skin around the eyes is very delicate and the incorrect way will lead to premature eye skin problems. After using the mascara, you must wipe the nozzle to prevent the mascara from causing contamination and deterioration. At the same time, the mascara has a short shelf life. Poor storage is easy to cause deterioration to the eyes. It is also necessary to eliminate it regularly.

If you use the false mink eyelashes, you needn’t have the mascara. There are many lashes styles to choose from as per your different makeups. Anyway, whatever of the styles of false lashes has the same position for the false mink lashes up, where the base of natural lashes contacts the eyelid.