DIY high-end Eyelash Packaging Boxes

2021-02-25 0 作者 admin

If you want to continue to expand your eyelash business, in addition to using various social media tools to promote your eyelash products. You also need to be able to attract customers’ attention. And the characteristic and creative eyelash box can give full play to this effect. Things with bright spots can often catch the attention of others. So DIY high-end Eyelash Packaging Box is a very good method. So how to do DIY high-end Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

The way about DIY high-end eyelash packaging boxes

DIY high-end Eyelash Packaging is actually not difficult. First of all, you need to confirm what style of box you need. The style of the box is rich and varied, there are round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, windowed, without window, mirrored, without a mirror, and other kinds of styles. Shaped boxes and so on. Confirm that the style of the box is the most basic.

DIY high-end Eyelash Packaging Boxes

Second, confirm the color, pattern and logo design of the eyelash box. Whether the eyelash box can successfully attract customers depends mostly on the gorgeous appearance. Therefore, the appearance of the eyelash box must consider both the vividness of the color pattern and the degree of matching with the logo color, so the color selection is also very particular. For example, if your logo is pink, you can’t use pink or a darker color than pink for the overall color of the box. This will make your logo unable to reflect.

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