Wholesale Custom-Made Lash Case

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There are many ways to expand the eyelashes business. For example, using social media to expand the eyelashes business is a common way to expand social media. Another method is aimed at expanding the eyelash business offline, which is to use eyelash peripheral products to attract customers’ attention, such as Wholesale Custom-Made Lash Case.

Customized boxes with characteristics can often attract a large number of customers. When you put high-quality eyelashes in a characteristic eyelash box, it will greatly increase the attractiveness of the eyelashes. So how to customize the eyelash box? What kind of eyelash box is there for you to choose from?

The steps to customize the eyelash case are very simple. First, choose the style of eyelash case you like, second, choose the color you like, and third, add your logo, social media, website, and so on.

Wholesale Custom-Made  Lash Case

Regarding the styles of eyelash boxes, there are many styles of eyelash boxes, including square, rectangular, round, hexagonal, octagonal, and so on. The eyelash case should be selected according to the length of the eyelashes. For example, for 13-20mm eyelashes, you can use round, hexagonal, square, and rectangular eyelashes; 20-25mm is suitable for square and rectangular eyelashes; about 28mm The eyelashes are suitable for the octagonal eyelash box. It is most appropriate to choose different eyelash box styles according to different eyelash lengths because if the eyelash box is too large, putting the shorter eyelashes in will make the eyelash box hollow and unsightly; use longer eyelashes Putting it in an eyelash box that is too small will cause crushing damage to the eyelashes.

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