Luxe latex-free Lash glue DIY Wholesale

2021-03-10 0 作者 admin

Avapro lashes is a well-known eyelash supplier. Avapro lashes have nearly 20 years of eyelash export experience as an eyelash supplier. Long-term experience in exporting eyelashes has taught us what styles of eyelashes and what eyelash accessories are most needed by customers. For example, the Luxe latex-free Lash glue to be introduced now.

Generally speaking, the common eyelash glues on the market contain latex, because adding latex will make the glue more viscous. However, this eyelash glue often has a pungent odor, and long-term use can also harm your health. But because this eyelash glue is relatively cheap, many customers still buy it. Customers who are aware of the seriousness of the results have begun to look for a new alternative, which is Luxe latex-free Lash glue.

What is the Luxe latex-free Lash glue

Luxe latex-free Lash glue

Luxe latex-free Lash glue, as the name implies, removes the latex component from the glue while ensuring its stickiness to ensure the glue can be used normally. At the same time, our glue is added with new waterproof materials. This waterproof material allows your glue to maintain the viscosity of the eyelash glue when it meets water, so as to ensure that the eyelashes will not fall off. We have three colors of glue, namely white, black and transparent glue. In addition, we also support DIY creation, such as putting your logo on the glue bottle and so on. We will do our best to meet all your requirements.

Welcome to buy Luxe latex-free eyelash glue, we will use the fastest time to deliver the goods for you. When the stock is sufficient, we will deliver the goods for you and provide the tracking number within 24 hours after your payment. Welcome to buy Luxe latex-free eyelash glue. If you need to order some high-end mink eyelashes or custom some lash boxes, also can contact me.