Where can you buy high-end lashes and lash accessories

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Avapro lashes is one of the largest eyelash suppliers in China. It has been engaged in the production and export of eyelashes for nearly 20 years. It has sufficient knowledge and rich experience in the eyelash market. Where can you buy high-end lashes and lash accessories? Undoubtedly, Avapro lashes is your best choice.

High-end eyelashes

Our main products are 3D mink lashes, 6D mink lashes, 3D silk lashes, and eco-friendly eyelashes. All of our eyelashes are handmade by workers, and we can guarantee that the similarity of the same style of eyelashes is around 98%. Mink eyelashes are taken from mink tail hair that falls off naturally. Workers collect them with combs during the mink hair removal season each year. After a series of high temperature disinfection procedures, it will be used for eyelash production. In order to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the eyelashes. We have our own eyelash factory and mink breeding base, so you don’t need to worry about the delivery date.

Regarding eco-friendly eyelashes, eco-friendly eyelashes are also hand-made by workers. The material of environmentally friendly eyelashes is mainly plant fiber silk (mainly bamboo protein fiber), and the plant fiber silk is extracted by technical means to make eyelashes. The advantage of using plant fiber yarn as a raw material is that when the eyelashes are discarded, the eyelashes can decompose by themselves. Therefore, it is called eco-friendly eyelashes.

Eyelash accessories

If you have eco-friendly eyelashes, you will have an eco-friendly eyelash box and an eco-friendly eyelash tray. The environmentally friendly eyelash tray is made of paper pulp. First, put the mold of the eyelash tray into the pulp pool, then lift the mold to perform high-temperature extrusion, drying, and other procedures to complete the final production. After the eyelash tray is discarded, it can be restored to the pulp state with water and reused. The Eco-friendly eyelash tray can be customized according to the shape of the eyelash box. The definition of an Eco-friendly lash box is relatively broad. Paper eyelash boxes without PVC windows and mirrors can be called Eco-friendly eyelash boxes.

high-end lashes and lash accessories

In addition, we also provide latex-free eyelash glue, eyelash glue pen, eyelash brush, tweezers, and so on. If you need to order, customize high-end lashes and lash accessories, contact Avapro lashes. We will definitely meet all your requirements.

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