Eco-friendly Eyelash Set

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People’s environmental awareness is constantly improving, and the things they need are gradually becoming environmentally friendly. Now the awareness of environmental protection has slowly penetrated into the eyelash industry, and more and more customers are looking for environmentally friendly eyelashes, environmentally friendly eyelash boxes, and environmentally friendly eyelashes. Now Avapro Lashes can meet customers’ needs for environmentally friendly eyelashes! ! ! We have launched a new eco-friendly eyelash package. Next, let me introduce to you our eco-friendly eyelash set.

Our eco-friendly eyelash set includes eco-friendly eyelashes, eco-friendly eyelash boxes, and eco-friendly lash trays.

Eco-friendly eyelashes

Regarding eco-friendly eyelashes, our company has launched wand eyelashes for nearly two years. The wand eyelashes are made of bamboo fiber silk. In terms of material structure, compared with mink eyelashes, it is composed of protein. Therefore, some characteristics of wand eyelashes are similar to mink eyelashes by more than 90%. For example, the perception of temperature and so on.

Eco-friendly lash tray

The raw material of the environmentally friendly eyelash holder is pulp, and the raw material of the pulp is made from the remaining part of the bamboo after the bamboo protein fiber filaments are extracted. Put the eyelash holder abrasive tool into the pulp pool, then lift the mold, dry the water and then go through the process of high temperature baking and extrusion to make the eyelash holder plastic. Then the eyelash holder is removed from the mold, and the production of the environmentally friendly eyelash holder is completed.

ECO-Friendly lashes tray
Eco-friendly Eyelash Set

Environmental eyelash box

In fact, there have always been environmentally-friendly eyelash boxes on the market. This type of eyelash boxes are paper eyelash boxes without windows and mirrors. This kind of box has no glass material, and no PVC material is easy to recycle and reuse.

Eco-friendly Eyelash Set

If you want to buy an eco-friendly eyelash set, please contact me, Avaprpo lashes will meet all your requirements, including the customization of eyelashes and eyelash boxes. We have more styles for you to choose from.