How to DIY your eyelash?

2021-03-17 0 作者 admin

When you want to engage in an eyelash line and to look for a quality, unique eyelashes supplier. You will find relevant information and eyelash suppliers online. Have you tried eyelash DIY? How to DIY your eyelash?

The ways of how to DIY your eyelash

There are many ways to DIY your eyelash. The easiest way is to modify on the basis of our original eyelash styles, such as changing the length, thickness, concentration, and so on. This method is the easiest and fastest, and the eyelashes produced can better meet the needs of the public.

The second is that you can design an eyelash sketch yourself. Find your eyelash supplier and let them produce it for you. Generally speaking, after your eyelash supplier gets your design sketch, you will make some necessary changes to ensure that the produced eyelashes can be more beautiful. Own eyelash design drawings are suitable for eyelash sellers who have rich experience in eyelash sales and have a certain understanding of eyelash market demand.

How to DIY your eyelash

The third type is suitable for private wear. This method of DIY eyelashes is to design your own eyelash styles according to your eye shape. A variety of styles can be designed to cope with multiple occasions, such as work styles, love styles, party styles, vacation styles, and so on. This method needs to be designed according to your eye shape and face shape, so before designing, please send a close-up of your face photo to the supplier, it is necessary. As a high-end eyelash supplier, Avaprolashes is best at designing eyelashes for customers based on eye shape and face shape.

Avaprolashes is a high-end eyelash supplier with nearly 20 years of experience in eyelash export and production. We can customize eyelashes for you. Whether it is produced according to the design drawings or customized according to the eye shape. We will meet your needs for production. If you want to DIY your own eyelashes, please contact Avaprolashes.