Custom Eyelash Trayes

2018-12-10 0 作者 admin

Custom eyelashes and custom eyelash boxes are common choices for customers. Have you ever seen Custom Eyelash Trayes? With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, the requirements of consumers are also constantly improving. This makes the requirements for customized services more stringent.

Our common eyelash trays are plastic transparent eyelash trays. Their shape and size are determined according to the eyelash box. They are rectangular, square, round, diamond, octagonal, and hexagonal, and so on. The first requirement of the customers is to customize the opaque eyelash trays, because some eyelash boxeses have too dark background. Using transparent eyelash trays will make the eyelashes difficult to see. Therefore, the customer chose the opaque eyelash trays, and the opaque eyelash trays can also be customized in many colors, such as white, pink, gold and so on.

As people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, environmentally friendly eyelash trays have come out. The eco-friendly eyelash trays are made of paper pulp. Compared with ordinary eyelash trays, eco-friendly eyelash trays are easier to decompose or recycle. The raw materials can be reused many times and are currently very popular.

Custom Eyelash Trayes

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