How to start selling lashes

2021-03-05 0 作者 admin

At this stage, more and more people are engaged in the eyelash business. And many people have joined the team of the eyelash industry. But for novices How to start selling lashes is a problem. Because they haven’t been in contact with this industry before, they don’t know much about eyelash sales. Next, let me introduce you to several ways to sell eyelashes.

How to start selling lashes


The Internet is now developing rapidly. Nearly 90% of people surf the Internet every day, and most of them like to shuttle on major social platforms. They usually like to use social platforms to search for things they are interested in because there are always some bloggers who know better than them to show better items. So the first step to start selling eyelashes is to promote eyelashes. How to use social platforms to promote it? As we all know, the largest social platforms are Ins, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So, you can take photos of your eyelashes or upload videos to these social platforms. Photos and videos must be exquisite to attract customers to you.


When a customer wants to buy your eyelashes after they fancy your eyelashes, although all major social platforms have the function of leaving a message or private message, after all, it is not a dedicated communication tool, and neither party can guarantee regular online. Therefore, you need a chat tool to use Come and talk to customers to discuss eyelash styles, prices, payment methods, etc. WhatsApp is a good choice, that is, you can connect with domestic Kuhu, and you can also expand your business abroad.

In addition, you can also build your own website to promote your various eyelashes, boxes, and corporate culture, etc., or you can open your own online store on Amazon, Alibaba, and other international stations. If you want to know more about How to start selling lashes, please contact me, if you need my help, I am happy to help you and will do my best to help you.